cheap linux vps hosting

There are tonnes of websites offering hosting services on the Internet. You can post your websites to the World Wide Web using these sites. You can hire a dedicated server or rent space for a light and reasonable cost. Two distinct types of platforms are used by hosting sites. DedicatedCore and DomainRacer would be the better option when you think about Linux VPS hosting as it is the cheapest.

The first platform is window-based, and the second is LINUX-based. The LINUX-based platform is less expensive than those based on other operating systems. This is so that it can be downloaded for free via the Internet as Linux is an open-sourced operating system. In general, LINUX servers are regarded as being very reliable and stable.

5 Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers

  1. DedicatedCore
  2. DomainRacer
  3. ServerBasket
  4. Everdata
  5. Vultr

Advantages of Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

  • Stability: Linux is a dependable operating system that can handle high volumes of traffic while maintaining performance standards. It is therefore a fantastic option for individuals who have popular websites or applications.
  • Support: Due to Linux’s open-source nature, a sizable developer community and support platforms have developed, offering users a wealth of knowledge and resources. Many hosting companies also give technical assistance that is available around the clock to help with any problems that could arise.
  • Flexibility: Linux VPS hosting is renowned for its adaptability, enabling customers to alter and personalize their environments to meet their unique demands. For individuals who have more complex web applications or particular server requirements, this can be quite useful.

5 Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Providers in Detail

1. DedicatedCore

dedicatedcore cheap linux vps hosting

With no additional fees, DedicatedCore offers inexpensive Linux hosting plans starting at just $5.13 per month so they are the cheapest VPS hosting. You just pay for what you use, too. When compared to its contenders, this is fair. Finding a dependable hosting company that provides so many services at such an affordable cost is difficult. DedicatedCore provides cost-effective cheap Linux VPS hosting servers that are quick and dependable. The best applications for DedicatedCore are websites with low to high levels of traffic.

NVMe or SSD storage, 1GB network bandwidth, Hyper-V technology, low latency servers, and the newest hardware and processors are all included in all VPS hosting options. Seven or more nations—India, the United States, Germany, France, Singapore, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom—offer their tier IV servers. The finest value for your money may be found with DedicatedCore VPS hosting.

The DedicatedCore customer service representatives are also accessible around the clock to assist clients and respond to their inquiries. Professionals who are knowledgeable about the web hosting system and its tools make up the support staff. You can get in touch with them by chat, phone, email, or ticketing service.


  • Premium SSD Hosting Platform
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Youtube Video Series
  • High Bandwidth
  • Affordable Costing
  • Free SEODefault Tool
  • SSD NVMe Storage

2. DomainRacer

domainracer best cheap linux vps hosting

One of the best and cheapest Linux hosting VPS providers is DomainRacer, which offers a wide range of features as part of its services. They are regarded as one of the best and most beneficial hosting services and are highly valued.

With the high Network speed, they offer you the best services when it’s about to reach your mark and satisfaction. With the 99.99% uptime guarantee you will understand that DomainRacer could be the best option for your business to grow.

According to DomainRacer, its servers are 20 times faster than average, and its customer service is unmatched. It is dedicated to offering capable cloud hosting and knowledge to guarantee that its users always get the best uptime and performance.


  • Powerful Hardware
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Dedicated 1 Gbps network connection.
  • Multiple VPS server locations
  • 24/7 Expert Service
  • Free SEODefault Tool

3. ServerBasket

serverbasket cheap and best vps hosting

In the business, ServerBasket customer service is renowned for its excellence, dependability, and effectiveness. They provide a ticketing system, live chat, and phone numbers you may call. On the live chat feature, their professionals answer in around 5 minutes, and even tickets are resolved as quickly as possible.

If money is tight, Vultr is a fantastic cheap Linux hosting company to choose from. If you can increase your budget and purchase one of their packages with premium tools, you should check out Vultr. Don’t worry if your budget is tight; we still have plenty of selections on the list as above.


  • Easily Upgradable
  • Good Support

4. Everdata

everdata vps hosting

Another well-regarded inexpensive Linux VPS provider, Everdata, offers a wealth of capabilities to consumers as part of their services. As one of the best and most valuable hosting companies, they are greatly admired.

It can be the ideal solution for high-traffic websites, they give you full control over servers, and that’s useful for users.


  • Full root access
  • One-Click installation

5. Vultr

vultr linux vps hosting free

As it has been operating in the market for a while, Vultr offers 100% SSD cloud servers everywhere. Vultr has 30 data centers located in various parts of the world. Because they provide cutting-edge development materials and tools, their platform is well-known among developers.

There are millions of clients using it worldwide, and each minute, thousands of servers are deployed. To preserve the caliber of its service, it exclusively employs high-performance Processors and SSD storage. Vultr provides an elegant and smart infrastructure with strong tools and trustworthy resources at a flexible fee.


  • Advanced Network
  • Different Operating Systems
  • Different Data Center Locations

Final Thoughts on Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

You now have all the information you require regarding cheap Linux VPS providers in 2023. I wish you luck in locating a service on this list that in some way meets your requirements. Keep in mind that there are numerous Linux VPS Hosting options. However, we’d like to suggest DedicatedCore as our top pick, and DomainRacer as we also choose to go for.

The hosting company that best meets your requirements and needs will be the greatest but most affordable Linux VPS host, so sign up with them now.