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Do you need a domain name for a business for a brand-new website? Finding a good accessible domain name, especially one that ends A new website or company venture can occasionally be rather difficult. The explanation is that, in general, domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The initial registrant of a given name retains ownership of it until they either transfer it. To another person or fail to pay the domain’s renewal fees. The most obvious domain names like the majority of English terms. Followed by dot com have already been registered and are no longer available.

Till 2010 ended, 205.3 million were total registered domains. The majority of the first 100 registered domains were brand names. Over 367.3 million domain names have been registered as of this writing. China has the most domain names registered globally, with over 8.8 million, or 33.80% of all domain names registered worldwide.

However, there is no reason to lose heart. Not all desirable domain names are already taken, just because the most obvious ones could be. A smart domain name might really work in your favor because it enables you to create a distinctive and one-of-a-kind brand identity.

So where do you look for a catchy domain name? using tools for domain research like DomainRacer. You need to think laterally in terms of yourself. You should check out online domain name recommendation tools when it comes to search tools. They are available on many websites for free, and they let you enter a keyword to receive suggestions for names based on that keyword.

Domain Name Ideas through Suggestion Tools

  1. DomainRacer
  2. DomainWheel
  3. Panabee
  4. Nameboy
  5. Instant Domain Search

Domain Name for Business through Suggestion Tools

1. DomainRacer

domainracer domain name idea generator

There are free online resources like DomainRacer available that can offer decent domain name suggestions. The registrars like DomainRacer manage some of these tools and give you website name ideas for the domain names. DomainRacer is a domain suggestion generator that has some unique domain name suggestions for you.

Ideas that can help you begin the process of choosing a specific domain name for your website. As long as you don’t forget to renew it when it expires, that domain name will remain yours and yours alone. DomainRacer offers you domain name suggestions free with their hosting in at affordable pricing.

They offer you ID protection and DNS management in the same package without any extra cost? Can easily transfer your domain to Domainracer in a few easy steps. They secure your personal information with domain privacy protection which should be on priority.


  • Domain Suggestions
  • Creative Domain Names
  • By creating new phrases, DomainRacer enables you to discover the ideal name.
  • Domain Privacy Protection.
  • 24/7 Expert Support for your help.
  • You can create unique pronounceable domain names using a DomainRacer.

2. DomainWheel

domainwheel creative website names

In order to create catchy names, DomainWheel uses a variety of algorithms, such as combining your keyword with random phrases, replacing it with synonyms, adding rhyming terms, etc. Additionally, it gives you the option to select an extension and then shows domain names with that particular extension.

In order to find a unique domain name, DomainWheel is the best because it may use synonyms, rhyming, and other related words. You can enter one or more keywords on DomainWheel, and it will then generate a list of potential domain names. It is well-known for providing synonyms and related phrases for naming concepts, which adds to the excitement of domain name searching.


  • Only displays domain names that can be bought.
  • The extensions that users want to include in the search can be chosen by them.

3. Instant Domain Search

instant domain search good website names ideas

Simply type a keyword, and as soon as you start typing, results will start to appear. In order to find domain names more quickly, Instant Domain Search was created in 2005. You can enter a single keyword, and it will immediately produce all of the possible domain names from it.

All domain names contain the keyword and every available extension. Combining the term with random phrases to create domain names, then add extension. names of expensive domains and their costs.


  • Names of expensive domains and their costs.
  • All domain names contain the keyword and every available extension.

4. Nameboy

nameboy domain suggestion tool

You can use Nameboy’s tool to determine the key combination to unlock the ideal domain for you. You can enter your search criteria to find out which results are accessible to you on the website. It offers an exceedingly user-friendly search box. Simply enter one or more keywords, and the program will produce a long list of suggestions for domain names and company names.

Many people only try straightforward one- and two-word combinations. And when they discover that they are already taken, they give up. Try using different terms and phrases in your searches as nameboy will give you several ideas.


  • It offers an exceedingly user-friendly search box.
  • Simply enter one or more keywords, and the program will produce a long list of suggestions for domain names and company names.

5. Panabee

panabee personal domain name ideas

It requests two keywords from you and then generates a list of potential domain names by modifying the keywords in a myriad of different ways. The greatest blog names can be found with Panabee, a free application that combines a blog name generator and domain name ideas.

Start by searching for potential domain names using two keywords. Domain. The website also suggests terms that are connected to your search. A domain name generator and search engine are called Panabee.


  • You may use it to check for availability on the most well-known social media platforms.
  • Suggest the words according o your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Domain Name?

A domain name is a website address. It is the address that users enter into their computer browsers to access your website. A domain name is more frequently referred to as a “website address” or “URL”. The domain name is a part of the Universal Resource Locator (URL) that you enter in the browser’s address bar.

For instance, the URL www. has the name The at the end is its true signature.

Q2. Why is a domain name necessary?

Your online presence can be established with domain names. Nobody can take your hard work in developing your website away if you have your own domain name. Search engines use domain names to rank your website. A domain name that expresses the subject matter of your website makes it easier for people to recognize and remember it.

Your registered domain name helps in better search engine positioning for your website. aids in brand awareness, trademark, and copyright protection.

Q3. What are the best domain name idea providers?

There are many tools in the market right now that gives an idea about domain names. But not each is worth going for. Will list the top 5 of them below-

  1. DomainRacer
  2. DomainWheel
  3. Panabee
  4. Nameboy
  5. Instant Domain Search


That is what it is, Coming at the end of this article hope you got the solution. Hope you got ideas to get the unique domain names. As of the last few years, many of the single word most popular domain names are already registered.

As many domain names are not available you need to get different ideas about domain names through platforms like DomainRacer. This gives you a suggestion list as per your choice and with the keywords online website name ideas.

Just get the one that makes your satisfaction in your budget and the one which gives multiple services through one. That makes helps in going for different platforms for different services.